About us

General Informations to BilderBuffet

BilderBuffet is a 2013 established platform for the offering and purchasing of licences for digital art works like stock photos or vector graphics.

The idea of BilderBuffet arose because of the opinion, that many works and raw materials, which have turned out well, stay unseen or unrewarded. And this again is often a reason for discontinuing artistic activities.

BilderBuffet is intended to offer an easy-held way to change this. This way, the following principles play an essential role for us:

  • Your work, your price! BilderBuffet does not determine a lump value for the pictures, but leaving it up to the artist to make the basic price.

  • There is no point system and no pseudo-currency, which obscures the true prices and values.

  • Art not for "junkies" only. We are of the opinion: Art should be enjoyed and not have to be subscribed!

  • No „miniature dumping“. There can different sizes at different prices be available. But in general, the price depends at first on the licensing only, that means, it depends on the desired use. Thus there are no information / quality loss by converting the digital works.

  • Licence sale. Licenses allow the granting of rights to use the works and thus form a basis for a fair remuneration of artists. They allow the use of purpose reasonable prices and thus they can also be used for small, private projects useful.