Individual product

Description of a possible approach to the creation of an individual product.

One way to create an individual work of art.

With image material or an artwork of BilderBuffet you can create your very own poster, picture or other printed material corresponding your individual needs. And with the following steps, you get your individual work of art.

  1. Determine the wish

  2. Make the selection of the material or the work of art

  3. Purchase a licence

  4. Create the product

We recommend the early reading of the AGB (General Terms and Conditions) and the Licence agreements.


Determine the whish

Some of the finest products are produced by poking around in works of art, because often there is yet no idea of ​​the photo, graphic or any other work of art, which would be perfect for making an individual poster, picture or a personalized calendar for example.

The more specific the wish is already, should the faster be found the right image material. This, for example, the following questions can assisting.

  • Are there any concrete ideas to the content of the artwork?

  • What is the designated use?

    • For large print products, a higher resolution should be used.

    • If the material is intended for further processing, it should be unprocessed maybe.

  • How many products are to be created and what they will be made for?

    • If applicable, a license for one-time use is sufficient for the creation of a product.

    • If the product will not be made for the personal use, the license holder shall be determined and / or possibly a different type of licence has to be selected.

  • Who will create the product?

    • The one may have its own requirements for options such as the file format or resolution. It is best to get such information from this one or from its information material.


Selection of the material or the work of art

To find the right work, images buffet offers a variety of options.

Do you have a concrete idea of ​​what you are looking for? Then you can search for it by using the search facility at the top of the page and you will get corresponding proposals.

Are you looking for a specific topic? So you can restrict the variety, by the selection of a category.

Do you want to limit the variety further? This is possible using the filter function on the left side of the page.

Do you have preferences regarding the results? Most search results can be additionally sort in the main view and also the number of search results per result page can be adjusted.


Purchase a licence

If the product should be given away or the action takes place for another person or company, so the person or company is also accordingly to specify as a licensee!

The license sale on BilderBuffet takes place with a shopping cart process, how it is probably also known from other online shops. Normally the material will be immediately available for download after sale. Should any questions or uncertainties occur, BilderBuffet will be available for answers. Please use the contact form in the service area.


Create the product

Regardless of whether the artwork is already in its final perfection, or the material will be part of a further processing, it can be implemented then by yourself or someone else to the desired product. In compliance with the licence, you can entrust doing this to the photo or print studio at the corner, as well as an online printing company, for example.

Link for further informations: Printing - Where and how?

Important: With a licence for single use only, the material can then no longer be used! But after the destruction of faulty production results after the product control, which is directly made after the manufacture or delivery, the process can be repeated.