What is what?

Informations to the "BilderBuffet-Language"

Degree of processing of photos

degree of processing definition
natural as seen, only RAW conversion and cropping objects
optimised entire surface changes without falsification
perfected edited partial regions, slight falsifications
designed up to photomontage, strong falsifications


colour values

average colour & complementary contrast

The average colour is the average value of the colours of an image, and supplies, for example, an orientation for a colour harmonious environment. The average colour does not have to appear in the image itself. For example, the average color is a shade of gray for a black and white image. The complementary contrast of the average colour behaves as a counterpart to it and shows a particularly strong contrast option. Depending on colors a particularly good emphasis or accentuation can be achieved, however, a very strong complementary contrast is perceived by many to be annoying or irritating.

image histogram

A histogram is a illustration of color values regard to their frequency. This provides information on the color distributions and intensities. Furthermore, conclusions on processing and methods of preparation can be drawn. This includes, for example, the exposure, white balance or color corrections. The histogram is created with us in RGB colour space, ie each color is separated into the colours red, green and blue. If the color space not conforms to the original one, or a different image depth exists, the histogram may does not correspond to the exact representation. In most cases, the mixed RGB-histogram, the histograms of the individual primary colors and one of the gray values ​​are offered by us.

Example Image Histogram
The higher the curve or surface is at a point, the more frequently occurs the color value.
The values ​​on the left are for dark colors. Besipiel eines RGB-Histogramms The values ​​to the right are for bright colors.
The RGB histogram displays the colors overlaid. Here, for example, the blue colours occur rather dark and the red colours rather brighter.